How to Start Keeping Bees, Guideline 6

The most important part of the beehive is the brood box, where the queen bee lays her eggs. The brood box is the largest single part of the hive and contains ten brood frames. Each frame is usually strengthened with thin hardened steel wire, about four strands pulled across the frame and stretched tight. This strengthening of the frame is necessary because the honeycombs with the honey are heavy. To encourage the bees to build honeycombs so that the beekeeper can work more superslot comfortably with the brood frames a bee’s wax sheet is placed hanging down, wedged at the top of the frame and supported by the thin hardened steel wire. The worker bees make honeycombs hanging down from the top of each brood frame. The queen bee will lay her eggs in the cells of the honeycombs the worker bees built. The eggs will become larvae and will be fed by the worker bees. This brood box is dedicated to the queen bee for her to lay eggs and to keep the bee colony alive. The brood box is never robbed.

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